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Riverbed - SteelHead DX

Improve performance and reduce bandwidth for business continuity workloads with data center-to-data center WAN optimization

Backup and Disaster Recovery
Backup and Disaster Recovery

DX Edition enables organizations to transfer and replicate more data more often with greater visibility and control but less cost and risk, ensuring service level agreements (SLAs), rapid data recovery times, and improved business continuity. Experience the best price/performance value for optimizing data center-to-data center workloads, delivering increased optimized WAN capacity at lower cost.

With an enhanced and tailor-made Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS), SteelHead DX offers increased data streamlining and transport streamlining performance for high-speed workloads, coupled with support for a select set of application streamlining optimizations for common disaster recovery applications, such as NetApp SnapMirror and EMC SRDF/A.

◊ Improve data transfer and replication for business consolidation and continuity

  • Meet or exceed required SLAs such as RPO/RTO with increased predictability and reduced cost
  • Experience up to 60x faster performance of data replication workloads

◊ Reduce business risk

  • Consistently meet performance SLAs for data transfer and replication workloads despite WAN latency, packet loss, limited bandwidth, and congestion
  • Improve your visibility and control of mission-critical data replication processes

◊ Protect and grow the business

  • Reduce bandwidth requirements by up to 99%
  • Eliminate projects delays and defer cost of WAN infrastructure upgrades to support strategic business and business continuity initiatives

SteelHead DX appliances Features

◊ Market-leading optimization solution

  • Includes the industry-leading Riverbed® Optimization System (RiOS®)
  • RiOS-customized for SteelHead DX to deliver enhanced performance for data center-to-data center workloads
  • Award-winning 24x7x365 customer support

◊ Purpose built for data center-to-data center deployments

  • Best price/performance value for optimizing data center-to-data center replication workloads, delivering increased optimized WAN capacity at lower cost
  • New Turbo Data Streamlining option designed for higher data transfer and replication performance between data centers.  Available only for the DX Series
  • Select set of application streamlining capabilities included for common DR applications, such as NetApp SnapMirror and EMC SRDF/A

◊ Enhanced Visibility and Control

  • Enhanced Network QoS for volume-granular traffic shaping of replication processes
  • Detailed throughput and bandwidth optimization reports for data replication workloads
  • Storage-granular optimization policies for improved WAN performance and bandwidth savings

◊ Streamlined Management

  • Streamlined network integration and ease-of-management with DX-to-DX auto-discovery
  • Enhanced plug-n-play integration with EMC SRDF/A

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